Bea (healing - dog)


"Bea is a very anxious rescue dog who has many physical and emotional problems due to former abuse.  As part of her extensive rehabilitation Jenny has had many healing sessions with her.  Bea always enjoys these.  It is hard for her to form relationships with people, but Jenny is part of her inner circle.  She also introduced Bea to crystals which she seems to be very interested in even wanting one to be very close to her.  I know the healing, as part of her journey to recovery, is invaluable."  Toni

Sea (communication - horse)


"Thank you for the communication with Sea -

it has been so helpful and really consolidated what I thought/hoped, and clearly points me in the direction

of what I want to do next." 


Theo (communication - dog)


"I am totally amazed - you

have got Theo to a tee!  You did make me smile when you said he "raised his eyebrows" when my other dog was mentioned.  Again you have their relationship spot on!  I know exactly what you mean about him watching me.  Thank you so much, I am over the moon with this reading."  Carol

Mr P (communication and massage - dog)


"Mr P is a young, bouncy and full of life rescue Lurcher.  He struggles with controlling his enthusiasm and also gets worried if left alone.  He has been a bit of a challenge through his teenage period, and the communication Jenny has done with him has given me a greater insight into his behaviour and worries.  It has enabled me to guide him in the right way and reassure him if he is struggling.  He is a bit of a clown, and it makes me laugh when Jenny describes their conversations to me.  She has also done some healing and massage with Mr P which he seems to thoroughly delight in and is always fast asleep by the end!"


Musya (lost and found communication - cat)


"My cat is now home, and

it was all just as you said.  He was not more than 100 metres from the place he jumped out, and we detected him between trees and bushes as you described. 

Thank you very much!" 




Teddy (healing - horse)


"After just a few months of having my boy Teddy, it became clear that his life before had not been such a good one.  I asked Jenny to help me work with Teddy, using both healing and communication, to try to give him the reassurance he needed but also to help me understand him a little better.  From the very first session Teddy responded well; he accepted the healing with an open heart and has never looked back. The healing not only helped with his physical issues but it also helped support him emotionally, and Jenny's ability to communicate takes the healing to another level.  We are so grateful to Jenny for sharing her gift with us both."  Alex


Molly (communication - cat)


"Thank you for the communication you had with Molly.  The things you said made perfect sense.  Thank you so much for pointing things out to me so I can try to help her.  You are a kind person.  Thanks too for the healing you did for her.  She has eaten a lot better yesterday and today." Sandra


Jess (lost and found communication - cat)


"I must admit it was my girlfriend's idea to contact you and I was

a bit sceptical but as we hadn't seen our cat for six days I was more than willing to give it a shot.  We received your email with the communication information in the afternoon.  About two hours later our cat Jess turned up at our doorstep!  I don't know if it was coincidental or you genuinely did make a connection with her and urge her to come home. Either way we are extremely grateful, and I am swayed to believe you played a part in her return.  We can't thank you enough.  I was staggered to see how accurately you described Jess, and you mentioned she spends a lot of time with another black cat - that is a kitten we have had for six months called Smudge.  I have no idea how you would know that!  I'm extremely impressed and very grateful."


Lea (lost and found communication - cat)


"Thank you so much!  I was reading your email again and again.  It brought me hope to find her.  I started to search where you said, and a woman called me to say she saw a cat just like mine in her yard as you mentioned.  It was Lea - it is a real miracle.  I must be the happiest person in the world now."  Anastasia


Case studies


Jess (distant healing - dog)


"When my 11-year-old chocolate Labrador Jess suffered complete paralysis over the course of 24 hours I was fortunate to have the excellent medical care of the Royal

Vet College, but Jess was extremely ill for a number of weeks and had no movement in any of her limbs.  It was determined that she had polyradicular neuritis - a condition where the immune system attacks the spine.  No medication could be prescribed; it was simply a case of waiting for the swelling on the spine to subside.  Some dogs make it, most don't, and it is very dependent upon the nursing care, the dog's motivation and the owner.


"The RVC were performing daily physio.  Jess could not weight bear but she was able to crawl along the floor commando-style.  Every inch she moved took forever.  Progress was extremely slow, and she was terribly depressed.  It was as though she had given up.


"I heard about Jenny as an animal healer.  I was a little dubious about the distant healing but decided to give it a go.  My Jess had been with me for 11 years, been through all of life's issues, I couldn't give up on her so I contacted Jenny.


"When I received her response I immediately warmed to her.  I could tell she was one of life's wonderfully kind people.  She offered some distant healing as she lived quite a way away, telling me that she would do this one day over the next few days.  I visited Jess daily and on the Sunday nurses approached me before I went in saying that they didn't know quite what was going on with Jess but she was in such high spirits and completely hyperactive!  It was like I was visiting a different dog.  Whilst she could not bear any weight on her legs still, her tail was wagging furiously, she crawled all the way across the room to get to me and she was so happy.  She did not sit still for the whole time I was there.  I later found out that Jenny had performed the healing on her that very afternoon.


"From this point on she made the fastest progress she had made to date.  She really went from strength to strength until the day that she got herself up and just walked over to one of the nurses!  The staff were in awe of her progress.


"If you are reading this you are clearly considering asking Jenny for help because your animal is sick.  I have no hesitation in my belief that without Jenny's help my Jess would not have made the quick recovery that she did.  Jess was in the RVC for just over six weeks and there were occasions when we thought she would not make it.  When Jenny performed her distant healing all that changed and she really improved hugely.  Our animals are there for us through everything, and this was the least I could do for Jess."  Lorna


Pierre (lost and found communication - cat)


"Pierre is a black and white cat about 12 years of age.  We live on a beach but Pierre rarely goes out and had only

been out of his garden once when I was around.  On the day in question I could hear screaming and I knew what

had happened. A dog had attacked Pierre, and the dog's owner said he had jumped the neighbour's wall and run away.


"We went out looking and calling all day and night.  We put up posters and told everyone we saw.  We called pet detectives.  The area has miles of beach and behind us are boat sheds then very overgrown woods which are impossible for humans to get through.


"We contacted Jenny a couple of days later as we knew time was running out.  We knew he was injured but didn't know to what extent.  We spoke to Jenny at 5.30pm who did the communication.  She said he was still alive, weak with injuries that were not life-threatening but he needed to be found soon.  She said he was frightened and something had spooked him; that he had moved from his original place.  She suggested we look in a cave-type structure with stones or somewhere he could get into, not near trees or greenery, which was a relief because of the woods.  Jenny said he was very close and that dusk was the best time to find him.  We were told by her that he was by a slipway leading to the beach.


"At 9.45pm dusk we were prepared to spend the night out looking for him, but we were determined to find him as time was running out.  At 10.00pm we were back home with him!  We looked in a boat house belonging to a neighbour's house, which was cave-like and I saw a pile of bricks stacked badly with a pallet over them.  I just thought Pierre might think that was a cave, and I called him gently.  He meowed, and I was able to put him in his box.  This house was on the beach and next to a slipway.


"We could not believe we had him back!  I dread to think what would have happened if Jenny had not helped us - we would never have found him.  We listened to what Jenny said in her communication, which was "please be determined, open-minded and think as the animal thinks".  Simply, what was to me a pile of bricks, to him it was a cave.  I look at him and still cannot believe he is home.  When he looks at me, I know he feels the same.  Thank you Jenny."  Jill