Animal communication


Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when you are coming home, even though it is a different time each day?  Or been amazed at how your cat disappears the minute you have thought about taking her to the vet?  This happens because the thought you have of coming home or going to the vet produces a feeling and an emotion which the animals pick up.  Animal communication is a form of non-verbal communication based on tuning into their emotions and feelings. It is a deep connection that goes beyond words, and takes human and animal to a higher level of love and understanding.  It can be carried out with the animal present or distantly with the use of a clear photo of the animal showing its eyes.  This connection to their emotions and feelings can help explain behavioural issues and helps to create a closer bond between animal and carer.  Understanding these issues, which may stem from deep-rooted emotional problems from an earlier time in their lives, can help the animal overcome them thus making a real difference to their quality of life. 


How does animal communication work?


Communicating with an animal on an emotional level is a beautiful thing.  Words are not necessary: it is truly a heart and soul connection.  To communicate with an animal it is important that I have a totally clear, uncluttered mind so that any thoughts, emotions and feelings that I pick up are coming from the animal and not me.  So I spend time focusing on them and quietening my mind.  Anything I pick up is then interpreted and relayed to the carer in an understandable way.

Jenny's cat Mitzi
Mr P

The benefits of animal communication


A relationship between a human and animal is a real gift, and one that can be enhanced and deepened with animal communication.  Like us, animals have likes and dislikes, fears and emotions; they enjoy being part of our lives and want to share in our joy and comfort us when we are down.  So it is only fair that we try to make a deeper connection with them to make that bond even closer and ensure their lives are as happy and fulfilled as possible.


Passing over


When the time is approaching to part with a much-loved friend after you have enjoyed many years sharing experiences, animal healing can help to lessen some of the emotions that will be surfacing at that time.  Animal communication will also bring clarity for both animal and human, and help them to be as close as possible before the final goodbye.  Being able to understand what each other is going through at this traumatic and intensely sensitive time can help to allay some fears and gently guide both animal and human through this transitional phase.


Just as mediums and psychics try to make contact with humans who have passed on, it is possible to communicate with animals that have passed into spirit.  All I need is a photo of the animal clearly showing the eyes.  A communication with an animal that has passed over is different in many ways to one carried out with a living animal, but it can benefit both animal and human and help them to be reconciled to what has happened.


Lost or missing animals


It is possible using animal communication to find animals that have become lost or been missing.  While it is not a substitute for any of the more conventional methods of tracking a missing animal, it can supply vital information as to its whereabouts, or offer an insight into how and why the animal has disappeared.  All that I require is a photo of the animal clearly showing the eyes.


PLEASE NOTE:  As finding lost animals is incredibly difficult, please understand there is no guarantee that there will be a successful outcome.