Massage for Mr P
Ear massage for Ruby

Canine Massage


Relaxation massage


RELAX HAOK9 MASSAGE® aims to address and support healing in dogs for general wellbeing, mobility and recovery, and it promotes improvement in quality of life and relaxation.  It is not a single technique-based therapy but a multimodal approach to holistic wellbeing for dogs.


A relaxation massage can benefit your dog physiologically, psychologically and emotionally.  These benefits include:

                     - stretching muscle fibres

                     - easing scar tissue

                     - increasing extensibility of connective tissue

                     - increasing flow of nutrients to vital organs

                     - increasing lymph drainage

                     - stimulating healing processes

                     - decreasing anxiety and muscle tension

                     - general relaxation

                     - lowering heart rate and stress levels

Gentle passive movements
Mr P having a massage
Teasel enjoying kneading movements

Passive movement massage


If your dog has joint problems, muscle strains, scar tissue or is recovering from orthopaedic surgery, then a relaxation massage with passive movements will help in the rehabilitation process.  If muscles are not used fully they waste and become weak, and joints that are not moved become stiff, leading to pain and a lesser quality of life.  Passive movements help to increase flexibility in the muscles, joints and connective tissue keeping them strong by increasing blood flow.


Gentle passive movements can help many joint conditions including arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, muscle strains, spasms and cramps, and cruciate ligament injuries.  A massage with passive movements can also help with symptoms associated with orthopaedic surgery namely muscle atrophy, swelling, scar tissue formation, poor joint stability and range or motion, reduced lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.


A canine massage will involve a combination of hands-on gliding movements, kneading and compression of muscles.  For improved mobility, gentle supported contraction or stretching of limbs will take place helping to lessen pain and stiffness.


Animal healing can be used in conjunction with canine massage to really offer a holisitic approach.


NB: No massage session will take place without a completed consent form from your vet.  Click here to download the form.